Ableton DAW. Each set is a SoundSpace.
Sonuus I2M Audio/MIDI interface
Logidy UMI3 3 1-8 note toggle buttons with linkable stepping
bass effects
Tokyo Dawn Labs|TDR Kotelnikov Flexible noiseless compressor
TAL Software|TAL Chorus LX Juno-60 style chorus
Eventide|Undulator Refined tremolo, soft wub
SoliderSound|S Pulser Tremolo, hard pulse
TSE AUDIO|BOD Classic bass overdrive
Kuassa|Effector WF3607 Classic wah
TAL Software|TAL Dub X Analog feedback delay
bass-controllable synths
Datsounds|Obxd ref Vintage Oberheim synth. Sounds great and tracks well.
Vital notes powerful wavetable synth
synth effects
Blue Cat Audio Phaser Flexible phaser for higher frequencies.
AudioThing|Filterjam Resonant filter feedback sounds, filter freq exp pedal
TAL Software|TAL-Filter-2 Extra interest filtering
Kilohearts Ring Mod Classic ring modulator
AudioBlast BreadSlicer Loop slicer dicer
iZotope|Trash 2 All manner of distortions
Aalto by Madrona Labs Buchla music easel. Heavy CPU versatile visual patch synth.
Surge Synthesizer FOSS everything on it