Ableton ✔ DAW ready but all used components need to be updated.
Sonuus I2M x Basic MIDI works, but editing settings not fixed for Catalina
Logidy UMI3 - v0_94 released 2019. Pedal management only, should work
(au) Datsounds|Obxd ✔? Vintage Oberheim synth. Sounds great and tracks well. Version 1.5 was released sep 2019 and an indexed version of their main page says it works on Catalina, but that is no longer on the actual main page. Requires suggested $49 registration.
(au) u-he|Podolski ✔ arpeggiation oriented synth. Sounds great and tracks well. Site says all their stuff is Catalina ready.
(vst) Kairatune ✔? Club synth with non-subtle saw pad sounds. Tracks well if you set BEND:2st, GLIDE:34. MacOS version 1.2.6 was released Nov 2019
(au) Tokyo Dawn Labs|TDR Kotelnikov ✔? super flexible noiseless compressor. macOS version 1.6.1 was released April 2020
(au) TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Chorus LX ✔? Awesome Juno-60 style old-school chorus. Latest release Oct 2016, but main site says all commercial and free OSX 64bit are Catalina compatible.
Secondary, can start without while porting
(au) LinPlug|FreeAlpha ? Complex sound pad synth with triangle wave
(au) NUSofting|Sinnah ? Delay matrix + harmonics. Noise/FX synth. v1.1 released Sep 2017. KVR says installer might fail on Catalina.
(au) Audiffex|STA Phaser ? generally useful, no dry/wet dial
(au) AudioThing|Filterjam ? easy way to get screwy filtering sounds
(au) TSE AUDIO|BOD ? Good sounding bass overdrive when you need it.
(au) Ignite Amps|TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer ? good distortion box, no dry/wet dial
(au) iZotope ? AI mastering assistant trains for 8 seconds and magic.
Soundflower ✔ Works on Catalina
(au) u-he|TripleCheese ? Classic sound synth, mostly pad oriented.
(au) u-he|TyrellN6 ? Continuous variable waveform ARP style synth, no LFO access
(au) Valhalla DSP|ValhallaFreqEcho ? Great for messing up drum sounds.
(au) Royale Audio|Royale Filter ? Super nice tone knob if you want to cut highs
(au) SPC Plugins|Gater ? drops notes out where you press the buttons.
Things to check out post Catalina:
TrapDoor Audio synths ?
Xylo wood ?
Surge Synthesizer ?
Full Bucket Music|Tricent mk III ?
Full Bucket Music|Fury-800
Soundemote FlowerChild filter ?
Cluster Sound RX7 Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live
SoundModeler GalactiX VSTi Synthesizer Another synth to try out. Improved MIDI tracking
Someone please port these forward:
TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Dub components are 32 bit and won't work in Ableton.
(vst) Orca Awesome synth but 32 bit so not supported in Ableton
Tertiary, ok to let go if they don't work:
(au) Green Oak Software|Crystal Long dev vintage atmospheric synth (wobbly)
(au) AIR Music Technology|VacuumPro_x64 Two barreled analog synth with gain stages on each section. Squirrely.
(au) Daichi Laboratory|Synth1 No presets, pretty. Midi init fails.
(au) Digital Suburban|Dexed Long dev sawy synth, wobbly control
(au) Full Bucket Music|Deputy bladerunner "strings" synth. 51, 57 (wobbly control)
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3100 Jean Michelle Jarre synth. Try 05 S&H Pad (wobbly control)
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3200 Programmable version of 3100 synth, no presets.
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3300 pads and whole tones synth. 0 or 53 (wobbly control)
Tokyo Dawn Labs|TDR Nova great parametric/dynamic EQ if the need arises.
(au) Blue Cat Audio|BC Phaser 3 Good phaser, but gassy lows for bass.
(au) TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Filter 2 Plugin graphic gain control for loops just to add interest
(au) Thomas Mundt|LoudMax Loudness maximizer.
(au) Xfer Records|Dimension Expander Waiting for the need to try this out