Ableton ✔ DAW ready, but plugins must be Catalina ready to work.
Sonuus I2M ~ Audio and MIDI works, but editing interface not fixed for Catalina
Logidy UMI3 ✔ v0_94 released 2019. Pedal management only. Works
(au) Tokyo Dawn Labs|TDR Kotelnikov ✔ super flexible noiseless compressor. macOS version 1.6.1 was released April 2020
(au) TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Chorus LX ✔ Awesome Juno-60 style old-school chorus. Latest release Oct 2016, but main site says all commercial and free OSX 64bit are Catalina compatible.
(au) TSE AUDIO|BOD ✔ Good sounding bass overdrive when you need it.
(au) AudioThing|Filterjam ✔ Resonant filter needs to be worked via pedal while playing, but all kinds of resonant feedback sounds
(au) Datsounds|Obxd ref Vintage Oberheim synth. Sounds great and tracks well.
(au) iZotope Iris 2 notes Sampler with visual spectral selection, filtering and modulation effects
(au) Vital notes powerful wavetable synth
(au) Blue Cat Audio Phaser ✔ Great phaser. Lows can be gassy on bass, but awesome otherwise.
Things to check out:
Aalto by Madrona Labs The reincarnation of the Buchla music easel as fully digital. Heavy CPU but exceptionally versatile visual patch synth. $100
TrapDoor Audio synths ?
Xylo wood ?
Surge Synthesizer ?
Full Bucket Music|Tricent mk III ?
Full Bucket Music|Fury-800
Soundemote FlowerChild filter ?
Cluster Sound RX7 Free Drum Pack for Ableton Live
SoundModeler GalactiX VSTi Synthesizer Another synth to try out. Improved MIDI tracking
Not currently using
(au) u-he|Podolski doc Nice sound and tracks well. Arp not tied to host clock.
(vst) Kairatune ✔ Club synth with non-subtle saw pad sounds. Tracks well if you set BEND:2st, GLIDE:34. MacOS version 1.2.6 was released Nov 2019
(au) LinPlug|FreeAlpha ? Complex sound pad synth with triangle wave
(au) NUSofting|Sinnah ? Delay matrix + harmonics. Noise/FX synth. v1.2.1 released Jun 2021.
(au) Audiffex|STA Phaser ? last updated 2014, $20, generally useful but more of a recording effect, no dry/wet dial
(au) Ignite Amps|TSB-1 Tyrant Screamer ? good distortion box, no dry/wet dial. Last updated 2013
(au) u-he|TripleCheese ? Classic sound synth, mostly pad oriented.
(au) u-he|TyrellN6 ? Continuous variable waveform ARP style synth, no LFO access
(au) Valhalla DSP|ValhallaFreqEcho ? Great for messing up drum sounds.
(au) Royale Audio|Royale Filter ? Super nice tone knob if you want to cut highs
(au) SPC Plugins|Gater ? drops notes out where you press the buttons.
Someone please port these forward:
TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Dub components are 32 bit and won't work in Ableton.
(vst) Orca Awesome synth but 32 bit so not supported in Ableton
Not worth using if driving from bass:
(au) Green Oak Software|Crystal Long dev vintage atmospheric synth (wobbly)
(au) AIR Music Technology|VacuumPro_x64 Two barreled analog synth with gain stages on each section. Squirrely.
(au) Daichi Laboratory|Synth1 No presets, pretty. Midi init fails.
(au) Digital Suburban|Dexed Long dev sawy synth, wobbly control
(au) Full Bucket Music|Deputy bladerunner "strings" synth. 51, 57 (wobbly control)
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3100 Jean Michelle Jarre synth. Try 05 S&H Pad (wobbly control)
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3200 Programmable version of 3100 synth, no presets.
(au) Full Bucket Music|FB-3300 pads and whole tones synth. 0 or 53 (wobbly control)
Tokyo Dawn Labs|TDR Nova great parametric/dynamic EQ if the need arises.
(au) TAL-Togu Audio Line|TAL Filter 2 Plugin graphic gain control for loops just to add interest
(au) Thomas Mundt|LoudMax Loudness maximizer.
(au) Xfer Records|Dimension Expander Waiting for the need to try this out